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Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend

Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend - Linda Wisdom This was the first book that I have ready by author Linda Wisdom.

Demons are a Girls' Best Friend was a cute and fun read with a good mix of action and romance. Maggie, a 700 year old witch who works for the Hellion Guard policing all kinds of nasties including demons now finds herself working with and attracted to a Fire Demon named Declan. Maggie has to work through her resistance to her attraction to Declan while working with him to save the world from demons who are conspiring to summon an evil god who will inflilct havoc on the mortal world. Easier said than done when Declan's own family seems to be involved in this evil plan.

While I enjoyed this story, I admit that at times I wished there was more development and focus on he main characters, rather than the building of so many other characters and circumstances. I didn't find myself as investede in Maggie and Declan as I would have liked to have been and I attribute that to not having spent much time really getting to know them in a way that allowed me to bond with the characters. I was more connected to Declan than I was to Maggie because the glimpses I got into his life helped you to empathize with him. I just wish we were given more of an insight into who Maggie was than the sarcastic, dare-devil witch out to save the world.

In the end I enjoyed this book enough that I will read the next book in the series.