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Keeping Secret - Sierra Dean This was the first book in the series that actually had some emotional impact for me. I think the love triangle with Lucas and Desmond blowing up was a long time coming. Before I continue I must admit that I am firmly on team Desmond. While I understand that Lucas needs to consider the pack he pisses me off to no end. Between the ending of this book and the beginning of Grave Secret which I just started I just want to junk punch him. He has taken whatever steps he felt were necessary with no care or consideration for Desmond who is supposed to be his best friend yet wants to whine about how everything has turned out. As far as I am concerned he is an egotistical selfish jerk who should have stepped aside a long time ago. When Secret came home to Desmond after mating Lucas I was heart broken for Desmond. I know some people feel he should have stuck it out if he loved her but based on the circumstances I don't see how he could have. I am not sure what I feel about the Holden situation. I just don't feel the chemistry and tension between them that is supposed to be there, at least from Secret's angle. I guess I will see where it all goes in Grave Secret.