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Keeping Secret

Keeping Secret - Sierra Dean This was the first book in the series that actually had some emotional impact for me. I think the love triangle with Lucas and Desmond blowing up was a long time coming. Before I continue I must admit that I am firmly on team Desmond. While I understand that Lucas needs to consider the pack he pisses me off to no end. Between the ending of this book and the beginning of Grave Secret which I just started I just want to junk punch him. He has taken whatever steps he felt were necessary with no care or consideration for Desmond who is supposed to be his best friend yet wants to whine about how everything has turned out. As far as I am concerned he is an egotistical selfish jerk who should have stepped aside a long time ago. When Secret came home to Desmond after mating Lucas I was heart broken for Desmond. I know some people feel he should have stuck it out if he loved her but based on the circumstances I don't see how he could have. I am not sure what I feel about the Holden situation. I just don't feel the chemistry and tension between them that is supposed to be there, at least from Secret's angle. I guess I will see where it all goes in Grave Secret.

Lover At Last: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

Lover at Last - J.R. Ward There were parts of this book that I adored, but the book as a whole left me feeling a bit cheated. There were just too many story lines that were not related to the main couple. It felt more like a first book in a series as if the author was trying to build a world while telling a story. What I am really frustrated by is that if the next book focuses on Wrath and Beth, why did all of those story lines have to be inluded into this one book?

Seven Sexy Sins (Love in Reverse, #1)

Seven Sexy Sins (Love in Reverse, #1) - Serenity Woods Cute story but I must admin the Mars Bar scene made me 0-0 a bit

More than Meets the Ink

More than Meets the Ink - Elle Aycart DNF... I just couldn't take the heroine and her snotty commentary and assumptions because the Hero had tattoos.

Come A Little Bit Closer: The Sullivans

Come A Little Bit Closer - Bella Andre 3.5 stars


Impulse - Moira Rogers Overall I enjoyed this story, but I will admit there were moments that I was frustrated. I loved Julio as I figured I would, and I had a love / hate relationship with Sera. At times I thought she was awesome and I really enjoyed her, and others I didn't care for her character at all. It was an odd experience.

I loved the storyline progression for the Southern Arcana world and look foward to seeing more in future books.


Shaken - Dee Tenorio Oh where to start with this book...
Shaken ripped my heart out and put it bath together again. As a mother I thinking about losing a child is devastating and it isn't difficult to imagine the strain that would put on your marriage regardless of how much you love your spouse. Seeing the guilt that Grant was holding on to and the pain that his wife was feeling believing that he didn't care, I think any parent could imagine themselves in both positions.

My only complaint was that I loved this story so much that I wanted it to be longer. I was sobbing like a baby as it, but I would have loved to have more time with these characters. I am a sick and twisted woman who likes her angst drawn out.

Seducing Cinderella (Fighting for Love, #1)

Seducing Cinderella (Fighting for Love, #1) - Gina L. Maxwell 3.5 stars
I really enjoyed this book and the H/H Gina did a great job of writing a smoking jot male lead and some very hot scenes that amy woman would love to imagine themselves in . I would have given it a 4 if not for the editing issues. It seemed like the kindle copy had a few places with words or sentences missing. I will certainly look for more in this series in the future.

Wicked Nights (Hqn)

Wicked Nights - Gena Showalter
Rating 3 1/2 stars.

Practice Makes Perfect (Berkley Sensation)

Practice Makes Perfect - Julie James Cute story. I enjoyed the banter between the two but I wish it had been a bit steamier. As long as the build up had been, I was expecting lots of heat.

Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend

Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend - Linda Wisdom This was the first book that I have ready by author Linda Wisdom.

Demons are a Girls' Best Friend was a cute and fun read with a good mix of action and romance. Maggie, a 700 year old witch who works for the Hellion Guard policing all kinds of nasties including demons now finds herself working with and attracted to a Fire Demon named Declan. Maggie has to work through her resistance to her attraction to Declan while working with him to save the world from demons who are conspiring to summon an evil god who will inflilct havoc on the mortal world. Easier said than done when Declan's own family seems to be involved in this evil plan.

While I enjoyed this story, I admit that at times I wished there was more development and focus on he main characters, rather than the building of so many other characters and circumstances. I didn't find myself as investede in Maggie and Declan as I would have liked to have been and I attribute that to not having spent much time really getting to know them in a way that allowed me to bond with the characters. I was more connected to Declan than I was to Maggie because the glimpses I got into his life helped you to empathize with him. I just wish we were given more of an insight into who Maggie was than the sarcastic, dare-devil witch out to save the world.

In the end I enjoyed this book enough that I will read the next book in the series.


(DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT) BY [ADRIAN, LARA](AUTHOR)PAPERBACK - Lara Adrian The Midnight Breed series has been one of my favorites since I picked up the first book in the series Kiss of Midnight. Like many readers, I have been anxiously awaiting Chase's story for quite some time. After watching him struggle so much in the earlier stories, I wanted to see him find the redemption and happiness that he deserved. I was not disappointed.

In Darker After Midnight we get an entirely new perspective into Chase's psyche. Not only has he been struggling with Blood Lust far longer than anyone realized, but we are also introduced to the fact that he has spent a lifetime feeling inadequate and unworthy due to family dynamics. Chase was a compelling character who managed to be very intense and dark at times but also extremely vulnerable. He so badly wanted to feel love and acceptance, but saw himself as such a failure that he was unworthy of it which meant he is constantly pushing those who want to give him those things away.

I like the introduction of female breeds and look forward to the future story lines involving these women. I hope there are some kick ass women to join Renata on the front lines with the men. I was thankful that this book provided us glimpses in to the rest of the order and their families as well. The plot surrounding Gabrielle and Lucan was very emotional and I appreciate that even though Lucan has found his HEA, that Lara Adrian continues to force her characters to develop further and face hurdles personally and not just as part of the larger story.

My only complaint would be in how the book ended. I am sure a part of it is that this was to the be last book in the series, but it was frustrating to have a book feel like it was wrapping up the series when you know that isn't the case. I also really struggled with how the Epilogue was handled. In Chapter 44 there was so much that you knew needed to be sorted out with both Tavia and Chase and then suddenly in the Epilogue it is six months later and we get a very short description that essentially tells us that yes it was bad, but now it is all better. Given how much focus was put on Chase's struggle with Blood Lust and the fact that Tavia ended up having to fight that same battle I do wish that we had gotten to see more of that time.

I am intrigued to see where this story goes how that the Breeds are exposed to the world and the order has a very visible role.

Second Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson, Book 2)

Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones Alright, it is official. I am absolutely hooked on this series!!! For me this is one of those series that makes me laugh out loud as I read it and think that the author is someone I would love to have margaritas with. Anyone who can come up with all of Charley's commentary would be a blast. My only complaint is that I have to wait until January 31st for the next book!!!

Blood of the Maple (Maggie's Grove)

Blood of the Maple - Dana Marie Bell I can't bring myself to even finish this book which is surprising because I normally enjoy her books.